About Us

What make us different?

The most important point is our love for this universe, as collectors ourselves, we understand the care and dedication necessaries to deliver the ultimate collectible as it would be one of our own pieces and the happiness that this hobby brings to us. On top of that, We have branches in different regions to guarantee the security during the development and one exclusively dedicated to performing quality control in order to maintain our high standard. More, we are determined to use nothing but prime materials during the whole process. Our expertise and love have convinced the Licensors and lead to our good relationship with them and to have been helping us out to achieve our main goal, deliver the ultimate collectible of your favorite show.



Collecting since a child, our founder decided to take his hobby to the next level back in 2012 by selling figures on his online shopping. Not satisfied, in 2017, along with a group of collectors and artists, Tatsumaki Studio was created together with its most fundamental principle. “From collectors to collectors”. Fruit of his lifelong love for Japanese Animation and Comics our CEO decided to offer something unique to this world, the love for collecting. Assembling friends with vast experience on different areas such as designer, marketing, sculpting and administration, we were able to acquire our first license in 2018 Hunter x Hunter. Our business is to acquire licenses of Japanese animation, games, comics and film and develop statues and action figures based on them.


The meaning behind Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki means “Tornado” in Japanese and we wanted to emphasize that we are coming to change how things are perceived and shock the market. It is a very familiar word for us who are passionate about this amazing geek universe, being a character from a Japanese animation and a special move from a very famous game franchise that we love.


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